We know how great it is to enjoy the Great Outdoors. We also know the importance of being prepared for unexpected bear and wildlife encounters. Our goal is to assist Yellowstone National Park shift the mindset of visitors from one of reluctance to one of readiness when it comes to carrying bear spray. In due time, carrying bear spray will be as commonplace as wearing sunscreen to a beach, or buckling a seatbelt when driving, everyday precautions that were a rarity not too long ago. Bear Aware is committed to promoting the safe viewing of wildlife from proper distances, what to do in the event of a wildlife encounter, and how to be best prepared when exploring Bear Country. Wildlife that becomes habituated to humans are relocated to an unfamiliar location which can be detrimental to the animal. Also, when a bear attacks a human, the bear is often tracked and killed. A sprayed bear is a saved bear. When a person takes and follows the "I Am Bear Aware Pledge," there is a greater chance humans and wildlife will remain safe and unharmed.
Location: United States, Wyoming
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 307-828-1009