OkCupid for jobs Unlike every other recruiting tool that starts by helping employers, Beansprock is focused first and foremost on helping software developers find and attain their best job at a company they believe in. Users take 2-5 minutes to sign up and tell us about their role and company preferences. Every day we index thousands of new job postings and augment them with additional info on the employers. We use NLP to evaluate job fits based on skills, company markets, size, commute time, salary, and more. Over 7,000 software developers have signed up to date because: -Unlike job boards that only consider users? title/role preferences, Beansprock is the only web-based tool that identifies companies that would interest them. -Unlike headhunters, Beansprock finds your best job in the ?job universe? rather than jobs solely from companies that pay the headhunter. -Beansprock is tailor-made for the casual job seeker, giving users control over the frequency at which they receive job matches.
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