Beansprock is your personal tech job hunter Many people take a job because the role allows them to use their skills. Others take a job because they admire the company and believe in the problem it’s solving. Users on Beansprock know their next job will have both. Beansprock has developed artificial intelligence to search the job universe for your best role and company. Unlike current search tools that only allow you to find jobs by job title and location, Beansprock takes it to the next level - What are the skills you'll use and learn? What does the company do? What is the culture like? Salary? Commute time? Beansprock tells our users exactly why a specific job matches his preferences. Furthermore, with Beansprock, no longer is it necessary to waste hours and hours browsing job openings and reading job descriptions. Beansprock evaluates the thousands of relevant job openings posted every day and delivers only the best one to you in a daily email.
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Boston
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2012

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