Place based social media app Beaming is a mobile app that offers a return to relevancy and intimacy with social media by allowing you to place any kind of media file, at any location, for a period of time you define, triggering a push notification when your friends pass by. You can think of beams like shareable time capsules ?or mobile post it notes.. What we?re really doing is taking online content, placing it in a physical context and personalizing it. It?s simple to use and will easily integrate into other social platforms. This isn?t about check-ins, it?s about relating our existing digital lives, our music, photos, and posts, to the physical spaces around us. Our go to market strategy is aimed at the 18 million college students in the U.S.. Our competitive advantage is our approach to technology, our experience in delivering it, and its integration into culture. We've bootstrapped to date but now raising $1 million Series A to ramp up development and launch on 10 campuses.
Member count: 1-10