BEAM is like NEST for collaborative workspaces Coworking and other work spaces are struggling to differentiate their offering. Many conference rooms remain underutilized. Time set aside for presentation is wasted dealing with connectivity issues. Our Edge: BEAM allows businesses to easily maintain all the digital functions of the space through one dashboard, one device. BEAM comes as a smart box (BEAM box) and has three main functions: - wireless screen casting for visual meetings in conference rooms - presentations delivered from a cloud space via a smart phone app that becomes the slide clicker - digital signage for announcements and branding throughout the space We operate as a SAAS with different levels of subscription. We maintain all the boxes remotely as a service to our customers and provide live support to users. BEAM currently powers 20 conference rooms in Cross Campus in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Pasadena. BEAM is software that runs on commercial chrome boxes. We leverage partnerships with manufacturers.