We aim to be the Amazon of events If you've watched cable TV in the last decade, you've changed the channel. And, unless you're a neanderthal, you used the Guide or Menu button to find another show before you changed the channel. Yes? beakun.com is the Guide button for the real world. We show you the state of every place in the city at the time you choose in a one-page, filter-able, sort-able list so you can see what's going on before you leave your house. It's a marketing platform for businesses and places. They sign up for free and enter their events. The public accesses the same site, selects the time and city they're interested in, and sees the results on a map and sidebar. We make money when the public books events, make reservations, or order rides. We also offer freemium benefits for the businesses. Plus we sell ads. We show bars, restaurants, parks, libraries, community centers, fitness centers, just about everything. Our goal is to be a global source of event information.
Total raised: $100K