Find or request deals on just about anything you want to buy online Just like for travel, is the deal finder for online shopping. Beaglo is the first of its kind deal finder/requestor application where we focus on: 1) Online Shopping - We have a massive database of resources to find our users the best deals on electronics, sports goods, fashion accessories, etc. Our focus on products allows us to access larger and highly competitive businesses where we negotiate discounts and then leverage their already existing e-commerce platforms to let consumers complete the purchase. Like a coupon site you might think, but no, we get you straight to the product you are looking for on a deal. 2) Consumer requests - A key aspect of Beaglo is that we allow our consumers to request deals on items they are looking to buy. We then negotiate a deal with a bunch of merchants and activate these on our site. Existing competitors in the market require users to sign up for daily emails to find out about available deals. We find deals in real-time.
Member count: 1-10