Beagle Tools Limited
Innovative Patented Wheelbarrows & Hand Trucks Beagle Tools has been a licensee of Jeep and Stanley Black & Decker (Europe) manufacturing patented professional and homeowner wheelbarrows, hand trucks and carts. We make the lightest fully loaded wheelbarrows on the market and with their pre-welded steel frames they can be assembled with 5 bolts in one to two minutes. All products have patented flat-free guaranteed tires. Special new designs make much of the line "UPS-able" since many items in the line fit in a single box. The lines will feed a massive online and in-store market demand for material handling tools. 5 million wheelbarrows are sold per year in the US with similar numbers for hand trucks. The firm is trying to achieve sales of $50-$100mm in the next 7 years while capturing only 15% of a $600mm market. The company makes products for all demographics including: professional contractors, women,children and seniors. A recent patent for tilt-back hand trucks has been exclusively licensed and the line is ready for production.
Member count: 1-10