BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!!! FOTW offers the platform, hardware & software to capture and stream video feed (of child's classroom or other future locations of phase 2 target demographics) which runs efficiently at a low or no cost to the user. It's a one-way data flow through the FOTW servers/custom upload box using our custom coding to provide secure individualized streaming and clips of a customers child specifically. Features and user capabilities are vast and very well thought out. System is set up to streamline data in almost real-time to the many users registered to each one of thousands of upload locations nationwide. In addition FOTW uses facial recognition filtering software and other code to customize and enhance the experience in all possible ways. Levels of service will exist and range from Free- $14.99/month. This private media platform is unique, there are no other marketed products/services that have this type of one-directional data transfer for this purpose, and we are excited to pioneer.
Member count: 1-10