BE Adventure Co.
Bringing Spontaneity to the Outdoors We understand that limited free time, accessibility and the initial investment of outdoor equipment is daunting, preventing people from going outside. At BE we aim to change the status quo of how people approach the outdoors by; 1. Bringing spontaneity and convenience to the outdoors 2. Creating products that embrace the consumers lifestyle 3. Providing Global Education Aid. The Outdoor industry is an economic giant. With 646 Billion Dollars being spent each year, 120.7 in Outdoor Recreation Products and 524.8 in Trips and Related Spending, the outdoor market is quickly growing. Of this large industry Millennials representing 38%, spend more time and more money on outdoor products than the average outdoor consumer. With a collection of products that transition effortlessly, effectively and aesthetically in conjunction with each other to create a lasting experience we aim to create a systematic approach to both revenue and user experience to enhance brand visibility and growth.