Easy, Accurate & Affordable Cancer Screening Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening tests are extremely effective, but only when they're used. Unfortunately, 83 MM people in the US and EU, don't get tested because they find current options (colonoscopies and fecal tests) to be too disgusting, painful, embarrassing, or inconvenient. These unscreened patients account for 65% of all CRC deaths and over 75% of treatment costs. To solve this massive problem, we will be providing primary care physicians (PCPs) with two patient friendly CRC screening tests that are easy, accurate and affordable. The first version uses a patented oncoproteinn, Cripto-1, in a laboratory setting, while the second combines Cripto-1 with a point of care (POC) device licensed from MedMira Inc. This POC test will be used during routine visits to detect CRC from a drop of blood in under 10 minutes at a cost of $75. By making cancer screening easy, Beacon has the potential to disrupt the industry, save thousands of lives, and reduce CRC treatment costs.
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