I’m Betsy Kent, president of Be Visible Associates. In the nine years that I've run Be Visible, I have personally worked with hundreds of businesses owners from at least 50 different industries. I have vast experience in Search marketing, SEO, Social Media, blogging, and website development. My greatest realization from working with so many companies over the years is that there are thousands of smart people out there struggling with their websites, confused about blogging, and mystified by Social Media. I want to help. Today I focus most of my energy on teaching fun, un-techie virtual courses that are ideal for medium sized and small businesses who want to learn how to use blogging and social media to get new customers and clients. I teach the same techniques that I've used to propel Be Visible's clients to success. Upcoming courses are: Betsy Kent's Blogging and Social Media Mastery System Facebook Marketing, Advertising and Boosting: Secrets Revealed! To find out if one of these course are a good fit for your business, please reach out to me at betsy@bevisibleassoc.com.
Founded date: 2008