Smart Home Energy Monitoring And Measuring beCalm will take care of looking after your household whenever you are out. Thanks to a set of electronic sensors and smoke detectors that monitor the state of your household appliances, you can constantly keep an eye on your home wherever you are. If you leave the house and inadvertently leave your home appliances on, beCalm will automatically detect that there is no one home, and will let you know immediately through the beCalm app in your smartphone. So there is no need to double check and go through your flat before going out. beCalm can automatically detect whether someone is at home or not, and if you are the last person to leave, it activates monitoring regime. In case you left home and want to make sure if there is someone in the house or if any appliance has been left on, you can simply use the beCalm app to check the appliances? current state and energy consumption. With beCalm, you no longer have to go back home to double check everything!

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