BBU Pharmaceuticals
A leap-ahead drug for Parkinson's disease: a new drug overcoming shortcomings of Levodopa BBU Pharmaceuticals, LLC, innovative international biotech company, developed a new drug, BDG-DOPAMINE, for Parkinson's disease (PD) treatment. BDG-DOPAMINE is a composition of a proprietary Provider and Dopamine in the form of nasal spray. Innovation of the drug - delivery of dopamine across the blood-brain barrier - the result never achieved before due to lack of the drug delivery technologies. BDG-DOPAMINE solves the problem of limited efficacy of drug treatment of Parkinson?s disease and offers improvement over major existing drug substance (levodopa). PD is the 2nd most common adult-onset neurodegenerative disease, affects ~4M people worldwide. The drug and Provider are protected by German and Eurasian patents, 2 PCT applications, trademark. The only competing formulation globally is levodopa, discovered over 50+ years ago, which somewhat addresses the problem of dopamine delivery to the brain, albeit at a cost of serious side effects, low efficacy.