b?cause partners with startups to create products that impact human wellbeing b?cause is a rebellion against the myths that surround tech success. We selectively partner with innovators to bring expert design and strategy services to products that are deliberately net-positive, and orient ourselves around work that improves human agency, rather than constrains our experiences. In 2018, the type of products proliferated by tech giants are largely incompatible with human wellbeing. Their fundamental focus isn?t to empower users, but to guide behavior towards dependency. We believe that truly sustainable technology makes us more creative, more informed, and more connected to the people and causes we care about. Beyond providing expert design and strategy services, we aim to foster a community of innovators to develop design philosophies with robust ethical frameworks. To achieve this audacious goal, we?re going to do something a little differently to other agencies, by becoming an extension of your product team on a flexible, month-to-month membership basis.
Member count: 1-10