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Video, streaming and broadcasting product development The next generation social broadcasting ecosystem that enables users to instantly and easily broadcast live streaming videos from/to mobile, wearable and 360 VR devices, the web and smart TV?s. Bcast is founded on the principal of using new ideas, methodologies and emerging technologies to bring live streaming video ?communities? to every day life. In this way we seek to use our live streaming video ecosystem to genuinely improve peoples lives in the areas of social media, entertainment, sports, news, public safety and emergency response. People now consume video content on the platforms they inhabit, rarely do they go to destination sites. Using BCAST, with one touch you can multi-share across all social media platforms, destination web or mobile properties or archive to your BCAST channel. Further,, BCAST IS developing new streaming/video applications that will improve personal safety at safely.life.
Member count: 11-50