Boot Camp Academy
Family Fitness, Health & Wellness Academy We provide a unique service to individuals and families to combat unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles, overweightness and obesity and the resultant preventable lifestyle diseases. Our program deals with 8 aspects of wellness to help all people achieve their peak performance at school, work, sport, anywhere. We assist all our clients to set their lifestyle goals in terms of all 8 aspects of wellness, and then we hold them accountable to reach their goals with monthly monitoring and evaluations. Our fitness training is endorsed by a leading sports physician in South Africa and is suitable for all ages. We ensure that our clients are never bored and we believe that not only is movement fun, but movement is also medicine. We aim to start a chain of "boutique gyms" called Family Wellness Lifestyle Centers firstly in South Africa, and then venturing out to the rest of the world within the next 3 years. Our philosophy is our passion: Live Life Well