BBKP Techno Solution
We BBKP has made a product for women safety We BBKP has made a product for women safety as this is not the solution we have to change our mindset for that by not seeing women as a toy .this is the first defense line for women safety .The glove will give shock to the person who touches the women uncomfortably In India like country we are rich in cultural heritage but sometime this heritage has a very dark black spot .We respect goddess in temple only but not in our society. The WOMEN Portrayed as goddess in our society ,people don?t know this thing when they abuse them ,hit them and worst of all RAPE them does they don?t think of goddess then and don?t think of any other their mother or sister at that time. So to slightly give them a window to douche all this stuff at least we can give them something to rescue them from such situation. Our main aim of age group is working women or college group 18-50 years. This is not the solution but something has to be done ,I will not see this disaster to ruin my India like that.
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