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21.08.2023Bridging Finance: A Strategic Tool for UK BusinessesIn the dynamic landscape of business, opportunities and challenges often arise unexpectedly. Whether...eustartup....
15.08.2023How Big Corporations Profiteer Off User DataIt’s no secret that huge corporations, especially those in the technology field, collect and sell us...techstartu...
11.08.2023The Power Of Insights: Audience, Metrics And Putting Humans ...Lindsay Tjepkema is CEO and cofounder at Casted, the world’s first Amplified Marketing Platform.
09.08.2023Is Scotland Really the UK’s EV Charging Station Leader?Scotland emerged as a frontrunner among all UK regions with the highest density of public EV
09.08.2023Kenya Is Going Digital to Boost Tax Revenue - There Are Less...Many African tax authorities have weak capacity to raise revenue. From 1990 to 2020, sub-Saharan Afr...allafrica....
09.08.2023FTSE 100 close: London markets rise despite Chinese deflatio...London’s markets closed higher on Wednesday as a toning down of Italy’s windfall tax on banks
08.08.2023Women’s World Cup: Morocco 1, Western media 0It’s a historic moment for Morocco and, in particular, for the country’s women. Eight months after ...aljazeera....
05.08.2023A Ukrainian company is building $18,000 tiny homes for famil...The kitchen and dining area in a HOMErs modular home. HOMErs Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have h...businessin...
04.08.2023Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale takes stance against homophobia in ...Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has spoken out against homophobia in football. Ramsdale’s
03.08.2023BBC запустила «экспериментальный» сервер Mastodon...Британская телерадиовещательная компания BBC запустила собственный «экспериментальный» сервер
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