At Bayware, we go beyond SDN to re-engineer network service instantiation for the multi-cloud era. Bayware delivers service-to-service communications based on application intent using Network Microservices. Bayware provisions applications with their own portable, zero-trust, IP Network as Code. Bayware enables any application on any cloud infrastructure to instantly deploy any communication service–connectivity plus policy–over the top of existing networks, eliminating the need to install and configure specialized VNFs, SDN controllers, and additional network appliances. APP-CENTRIC NETWORKING FOR THE MULTI-CLOUD ERA As part of an application deployment, Bayware’s Network Microservice Orchestration Platform fully controls network behavior wherever the application is running: • Sets security and other policies at application level • Enables full visibility and control of segment and service chains • Enables full visibility and control when sidecars are used for service mesh • Adds Bayware Header Extension-based control of data paths • Keeps pace with service creation and scaling
Founded date: 2015