Instant Healthcare Coverage For The Underserved Markets Horsepower has the technology to easily post online government benefits contributions accepting up 15 payment options including Bitcoin, Paypal and mobile load that banks do not accept as payments. It also has health packages that are affordable and even better coverage than the current group coverage. It caters 15M self-employeds ( freelancers, professionals, consultants, SME owners) and 10M overseas Filipino workers. They do not a HR department to post, on their behalf, government benefits such as SSS (retirement ans health), Pag-Ibig (housing) and PhilHealth (healthcare). We provide them an easy way to post via online. The self-employeds typically cannot afford the high premiums of HMOs. We can provide premiums that are comparable to that of group rates. And our coverage is even much better.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $250K