The US-Russia ecommerce specialist BayRu, LLC is the US-Russia ecommerce specialist. Our online store bay.ru is the 8th largest international store in Russia and offers consumers the broadest selection of in-stock products, competitive prices and most consistent home delivery via our exclusive shipping network Dostami Express. Our Russian order fulfillment and marketing services platform Rusify.com utilizes company operations in Chicago, Moscow and St. Petersburg to give American manufacturers, brands and retailers access to the booming Russian/CIS consumer markets. BayRu has shipped over 250,000 items from all product categories (most notably auto parts, apparel and electronics) to 160 cities in Russia/CIS. In 2013 BayRu, LLC was named Exporter of the Year by the U.S. Department of Commerce's official export promotion magazine.
Member count: 51-200
Total raised: $7.4M

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