Fitness Motivation, Education, and Results BattleYourself is online personal training. We bring the experience and education of a personal trainer to the client, whenever, wherever. We provide customized fitness programs designed to fit our clients needs. We are goal oriented and highly flexible. Our online platform allows our clients to receive the communication they need from their trainer. They are not constricted to a personal trainer schedule, unlike the traditional service. Have a question or need a change to your program? just ask your trainer, and they will get you what you need without hesitation. We asked people why they do not use personal trainers. 1) Schedule conflict. 2) Intimidation and overly self conscious. 3) Too expensive. We have eliminated these roadblocks to ensure our clients can exercise on their time and on their terms. If they don't want to go to a gym, our trainers will design a program to fit where they want to exercise. We offer much more for much less.