Battleground Laser Tag
Lets Be The Miracle Kids Need children today love games. Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and the list could go on for miles. What if we could give children, Teenagers and even adults a way to play these games in live action with safe and durable equipment that will not only provide a fun and safe environment but it can make us quite a bit of profit all with a small investment of 30k-100k. 20-minute games at $6 is pretty affordable for most area's and when you look at having 50+ guest play at least 1 game a day the profit can be great. Featuring team skirmishes. free-for-all, capture the flag, Domination, and for our older guests we can host zombie outbreak events that will get hundreds of people wanting to test there Zombie Apocalypse Survival Skills. Then add an area for bounce houses for children, concession stands for the children and you have money coming from every member of the family and they will gladly pay for such an experience because there isn't anything like this within 130 mile radius.