Eco-Positive Super Premium Rhum We're a craft distillery with a super premium French Rum brand that is rapidly gaining market acceptance. Currently, only available in the Bay Area, Batiste is made with solar power and without GMOs. It is an award winning fair trade, sustainable luxury spirit looking to make waves in the $3 billion US rum market. Created in an eco-positive large scale plantation and distillery in the Caribbean, Batiste is packaged in the Bay Area and is currently available at 150 on and off premise locations. Growth in revenue exceeds 500%. Our market is the 25-65 year old urban or suburban professional with mid to high income that is environmentally minded and interested in a company's ethics and practices. They are a multi-cultural and diverse audience with a degree level education. They gravitate to lifestyle brands, are willing to pay a higher price for better quality and are brand loyal once they include the brand into their life.
Member count: 1-10