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The new old-fashioned spirit Bathtub gin is a new old-fashioned spirit, bringing the tradition of craftsmanship and design thinking to the gin category of your alcohol cupboard. Bathtub gin is infused with a range of exciting botanicals, just like in the olden days. And those botanicals are left inside the bottle, so you can see your gin becoming ginnier by the day. Bathtub Gin is accompanied by a London style tonic water. We love G&Ts but the tonic in the USA is full of sugar. Tonic in England has no sugar. We like that better, so we're making our own with a tiny bit of raw sugar (or agave) a touch of lemon, some quinine for glow in the dark roller derby excitement, and an infusion of flavor from the cassia tree for kicks. The craft spirit category is large and growing, and we think it will blow up like the craft beer category recently did. There are brands emerging in this space but none of them speak to the new generation like bathtub gin does.
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