Better Workplace Wellness BastFor offers corporate wellbeing services to small and medium businesses. We will be running a mobile ?clinic? in the London area, which we will bring to the location where the customer is situated in order to evaluate the workforce. Offering a set of assessment and delivery services as a differentiator, the company is able to deliver its services directly at the client?s premises. These assessments will consist of online questionnaires, biometric measurements, laboratory tests and office environment assessments. Once the evaluation is completed a report will be compiled and presented to the company, while employees will be able to access their results privately through a user-friendly web platform. A multifaceted bespoke program, involving workshops, nutritional education, mindfulness, amongst other disciplines/activities will then be presented to the client. If the client chooses to purchase the additional wellness programme it will be implemented on a 6 or a 12-month basis.