First Mobile Tournament Fishing Platform BassKings is the first mobile tournament fishing app that allows anglers from all over the country to compete catching real fish for cash and sponsored prizes. Over 42 million Americans purchase a fishing license every year, however less than 7 million compete due to high entry fees, availability, and location. Currently anglers need to have a boat, $500 or more for entry fees, and weekends off. With over 60 billion dollars being spent on fishing related expenses every year in the United States why does 87% of the market remain underserved? With BassKings anglers will have the ability to compete in sponsored public events as well as private (p2p) tournaments. Entry fees will start at $5 and multiple tournaments will be available at all times giving anglers the opportunity to compete at their own convenience. Our partners (Established companies) will host tournaments on the app and our technology will ensure the security & integrity of the sport. BassKings Catch - Compete - Win