Building a Benevolent A.S.I Yet another project trying to build the ultimate generation of A.I., with a different approach. We know this is a huge task to undertake and we are, by no means, expecting to do it on our own. Here, we're just starting with a lot of studying, a manifesto and, eventually, a proof-of-concept developed algorithm. This started as a one man vision life project. He couldn't find an organization doing what he believed to be what we all, as a human race, should be doing, which is basically: Rush to build the Artificial Super Intelligence and skip A.G.I.! We've got no more time to wait and way, way too many existential risks exist elsewhere. We believe that as long as we can build it with one focus (for it to constantly learn and become truly intelligent) the risk of it becoming anything other than benevolent is minimal and definitely better than trying to slowly engineer going through small steps. Do keep on reading through the links! there is a plan
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