Bash Application
Party Hosting and Searching We are building the first party hosting and searching application. Users on our network will be able to either host their own Bash parties, or search for Bash parties in their area. Users on the Host mode can either plan a Bash Party or use Bash at a party they are already having. They will receive requests from users in the area who want to attend their party. The host will check out the invitees profile, picture, and rating, and open a chat window to communicate. Users on the Search mode will be able to send requests to future Bash parties or send requests to active Bash parties. They can see information about the Bash like theme, number of people attending, ages of people attending, and anything the host might need. They can then request to be invited, and the host will receive a notification about their request. If Host and partier agree to an invitation, let the party begin!!
Member count: 1-10