Mobile Security and Personal Safety BASE is a wearable device paired to an iOS/Android app that provides safety and security in the event of danger or threat. When the wearable's button is depressed, it automatically calls 911, sounds a siren, starts voice recording and alerts up to 5 pre-set contacts with the physical location. The app allows a user to press up to six buttons from the home screen. Three buttons will send a text alert to their 5 contacts with a pre-programmed message: 1. Please interrupt me with a text 2. Please call me and say that you need me 3. Please come get me (phone connects to GPS and sends location) Three remaining buttons: 4. Sound a siren 5. Call 911 6. Connects to local/campus resources We've formed Campus Safety Foundation, a 501c3, to enable campus' without safety endowments to fund their required Campus Safety and Accountability Act safety efforts to become a tax write-off for their donors.