Rapid Hardware+Firmware Foundation Generation What: There are two parts of any hardware innovation, the innovative secret SAUCE!( Algorithms, channels and use case) and there is the non innovative part (The base platform, which consists of a set of electronic modules avaliable on the market.) We provide a Web Application that allows customers to create the hardware + firmware base of their innovation. Why: There are many pitfalls an unseasoned hardware engineer or a software engineer that is learning hardware can fall into. Which components are the most reliable, most avaliable to source, and low cost? Matching voltages Levels? Silicon Bugs? Decoupling Power supplies? and many more that the engineer should not need to worry about. We provide a fast generation to rapidly create the base of your hardware innovation, supplying you with tested hardware schematics and working firmware. Who: Entrepreneurs,Corporates ,Small-Medium Enterprise, Engineers, Hobbyists
Member count: 1-10