BarVision’s solution establishes accountability over every pour. Over-pours, give-aways and thefts are captured, and can be traced to the individual bartender. BarVision also captures under-pours, brand substitutions, delays in posting to the POS, spout removals and after-hour pours BarVision’s data is available to our Customers via a convenient dashboard, but even better, actionable events are highlighted by bartender. Management is able to intervene with the bartender(s), leading behavior changes, increasing profits and revenues. After only 1 month, BarVision customers recover their investment and begin earning a profit. ROI’s can range from 10x to over 30x. Learn more at barvision.com
Location: United States, Pennsylvania, Kennett Square
Member count: 11-50
Phone: (866) 777-1001
Founded date: 2006

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