BARTERMILL - a trading platform and project management system for small business Bartermill is the trade platform for entrepreneurs and small business. There is possible to sell goods or services, make barter deals and hold tenders. We made comfortable deals? flows tools, order processing and contact management tools, deals? scheduler, which allow does not miss your deals. The business rating help you make right choice new partners and create own business reputation. Bartermill is the CRM/ERM/PM. Easy to use modules (storage house, accounting, staff), project management system and task manager allow keep your business up to date. Repose on users? preferences auto search will inform you about new offers, which might be interesting for you. Bartermill give Teamwork tools for a task force. Tools to help people unite into a virtual creative team very quickly to fulfill a specific target using CRM/PM for groups. (Digital Autonomous Corporations )
Member count: 1-10