A platform for the Bar Industry Barster is a very unique app for the bar industry. The core driver behind the app is that bar goers will now be able to search any bar and find the establishments accurate (food & drink) All Day Specials, Happy Hours & Timed Specials. This is extremely important for the college demographic (21-24) who don't have a lot of disposable income, but love going out. How it works is simple... A Bar Manager or Owner has the ability to create a unique profile for their bar which they have full control over. On the profile they will be able to publish all of their specials, their basic information & users will be able to get directions to their bar. The Bar Managers and Owners will also have the ability to publish Real Time Specials or Events to the Home Feed. They will also have the ability to send Direct Push Notifications, which could be secret specials or event reminders, to the users that have favorited their bar. This will be the ultimate advertising platform for bars.
Member count: 1-10