FEATURE FILM INVESTMENT The year is 2070. Following a spike in global temperatures to surge above 2 degrees and resulting natural catastrophes that wiped most of the world?s population, creating political tensions between world powers concluding in a devastating atomic war. Very little remains apart from militaristic survival groups, an ominous planet that lingers in the distance and nomad wanderers which is where we are introduced to our protagonists: A LONER MAN AND A TELEPATHIC WOMAN RALLY TOGETHER OUT OF NECESSITY IN A POST APOCALYPTIC WORLD, SEARCHING FOR A NEW BEGINNING. Mad Max meets Romeo and Juliet. Seeking investment of $200k Secured: $600K Our last film Watch the sunset is Australia's first 1 take feature film. youtube.com/watch?v=1kJ8vqAilhU&t=3s Features on Australian Cinematographers Society Magazine. "A Powerful Intimate Drama" - Movie Pilot "If you loved Animal Kingdom, You'll dig Watch the Sunset: - Nerdly "One shot wonder, how did they do it" - Cinema Aus
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