Fund My Album Please Hi. I am in the midst of recording my debut solo album of pop hits that I wrote. I teamed up with a very creative producer, who I've been working with consistently for the last year. I absolutely love our musical partnership and how the tracks are coming, and also know that this album and my music is something the world is in dire need of right now. Why? I want to heal the world, by promoting consciousness in all areas, which I believe is completely necessary with the current state of the world. A little bit about the music: It is Pop with feels of funk, dance, r&b, etc. I am influenced by decades from the 50's to today so it is eclectic but catchy and uplifting at times. It touches on many different moods for various occasions. :) I need help paying for the production cost as well as mixing and mastering and then PR once the time comes. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this. <3