Our Region's Only Entertainment and Recreation Venue Bear X is the regions only entertainment and recreation venue. The $15-million-dollar adult playground will include a beach, VIP bungalows, swim up bar, surfing, cable wake-boarding park, our own craft brewery, an elevated restaurant, and sprawling beer garden. It's also an event and concert venue which makes it the ultimate day club experience. Bear X is a located in a booming college town between two of the hottest housing projects in College Station, Barracks I & Barracks II. Founded in 2009 on 13 acres and 108 townhomes, Heath has grown The Barracks Townhomes into 170+ acres and just under 900 homes, most of which are sold before the slabs are poured. Bear X?s product and services are rooted in unique experiences, matchless amenities and stellar customer service. It provides a social environment unlike anything offered in Texas and is designed to mimic two pool concepts in Las Vegas. Bear X is currently utilizing a cable wake-boarding lake and sheet wave machine called a ProFlow.
Member count: 11-50