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Barqa provides independent, small and medium sized shops with an easy to use inventory and point of sale system which is linked to our mobile discovery platform. This makes every product in a shop’s inventory searchable. Searching for a product on our app directs potential customers to physical stores.​ Shops can display their products to an audience far beyond those entering their store while consumers can discover products around them that they never knew about. Barqa brings a unique, product centric approach to drive hyper-local search. Find what you want and know where to get it from. We marry the efficiency of online shopping to the joy of the touch-and-feel element, creating a holistic, feel-good shopping experience for all! At Barqa, we aim to widen the scope of in-store PoS-based intelligence to include small fashion retailers. Barqa will contribute to the organizing of the mostly unorganized fashion retail sector in India by helping store-keepers to maintain a smaller and more efficient inventory. By gathering product retail data from physical stores, Barqa will provide access to a whole new field of product data that has been previously sealed from brands and retailers. In combination with Barqa's customer analytics it will provide a thorough overview of any fashion retailer's target audience.
Founded date: 2016