Bar, enabling you to communicate with English speakers in online The concept of our project in this sphere includes following features. Nowadays English is one of the most widespread languages in the whole world.A big amount of school programs in Russia consider English as the prime foreign language to teach. However, it is hard to apply knowledge in practice without the experience of communication with native speakers. Our project offers visitors open communication with the US citizens by means of present-day technical equipment. We?re planning to establish cooperation with some of foreign bars on the following scheme: both our place and partner?s one is equipped with a projector which helps us to communicate. Thus, the visitors of both places will be able to see and hear what is going on in each of the bars and have an opportunity to talk to each other. It is also in plans to put special screens on the perimeter of the space by using of which any of the visitors can personally meet his or her foreign interlocutor and keep in touch in the future.