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Barnebys is the online search service for arts, antiques and collectibles. We gather auctions and catalogues from all leading auction houses, and we collaborate with entertaining bloggers covering openings, the contemporary art scene, major auctions and much more. We make the world of auctions available for everyone to enjoy! Every auction house is a result of its history and often has a niche, which has been cultivated over several generations. Barnebys respect this, and emphasises the houses’ individuality. One way we do this is by linking every lot to the house’s actual site in our search results. Furthermore, we provide every auction house with its own branded page which includes a presentation and contact details. Surely, you’ve noticed that the pre-purchase behaviour has moved online. Barnebys is the most cost-efficient way for your auction house to increase relevant web traffic, and we also help you to broaden your audience and raise brand awareness.
Location: Sweden, Stockholm
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +46 70 521 35 70
Total raised: $17.390663M
Founded date: 2010

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