Esport Bar Investment for the App ! First step : We Create going to create some Flasgiship branded : Bar KRAAFT. The HeadQuarter for gamers in our esport Bar, not only for big events or streaming, but permanently, for all gamers community with PC, Arcade and Video games Console. Second Step : We are going to find & make a contract with Partnership as 25% Starbucks Coffee, or/and 25% of Beef 'O' Brady's to improve our visibility by co-branding and increase events & viewers of Esport in all city where we can't today have a permanent esport Bar Each city will define a team by game, and will support for internal championship between BarKraaft or independent bar labeled KRAAFT. We Purpose a bar where the interaction and sharing gave way to emulating the gamer's community. We provides High Quality space and hardware for all our PC & Console : Dell with Alienware, Samsung, RedBull... We also Include share-time with esport, retro gaming, card games, streaming, cosplay, events,... a planing.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $45K