Branden Productions
The Sopranos butt heads with Breaking Bad...Doggy style BARKING BAD is a book series for an adult animated cable TV or web series. An edgy, humorous journey into a world where "made" mongrels from the New Jersey Canine Cartel collide in a Sopranos-like underworld filled with violence, sex and Rock n' Roll! Each book of the four part series is forty chapters of ongoing storyline, with subtitles using the last name of the main canine family, the Wursts. Book One: Woofin' Wurst; Book Two: Wurst Case Scenario Book Three: Your Wurst Nightmare; Book Four: For Better or Wurst The unique, fantastical premise, gritty characters and adult humor of Barking Bad is a timely alternative to the repetitive genre of zombie, vampire and superhero venues. We're convinced that audiences will fall in love with our misbehaving canine and feline characters once they step onto their contested turf, with an already growing fan base from our social media sites.