Next-Gen Sport EVs for Mainstream Buyers Next-Generation Sport EVs which are price-point accessible to the average new car buyer. Equal parts sporty, stylish and practical, our dual-purpose product competes directly with both sport and family cars. Working from the fundamental principle that lighter-weight means less energy usage, we are implementing advanced carbon fiber composite construction process which is not widely known to the average person but which is proven to the extent of having won the #1 award for automotive at the largest composites exhibition in the world. Our technical team is led by a former senior engineer at Lotus and Aston Martin, and who is also a PhD in composites that was an initial member of the team which implemented the BMW composites program which is now producing the BMW i3 and i8. We have a lean but very well-rounded team for execution, with our executive team including an MBA in Finance and Operations(our COO), and who is also a winner of a large selection of international awards.
Member count: 1-10