Bare Knuckle is a movie of a father who takes on the fight of his life The movie and TV project Bare Knuckle is a wonderful, triumphant story of a father who takes on the fight of his life to win his daughter back into his life. It deals with real life struggles, triumph and the power of love. In a nutshell, the cast includes: Zach McGowan,: Michael Bay's Black Sails, and Shameless. He's also appeared in many films, TV and Broadway productions. Luiz Guzman: The Taking of Pelham 123, Anger Management, Carlito's Way, Enemy Way (filming now), In the Blood, Republic of Doyle (TV series) to name a few. Danny Trejo: Grindhouse, Heat, Con Air, From Dusk Til Dawn. Director/Producer Rick Mowat. Producer, Stephen Greenwald. Producer, Paula Landry. Henri Scars, Film Composer, Grammy Award Winner. The budget for the project is $1.5m. Recent developments include adding Billy Hopkins as our casting director who is working to attach John Ortiz and Patricia Ramos.
Member count: 1-10