Chat on Every Website Barc?s simple chat widget allows users to browse the web and chat with other Barc users that they meet on any site. Get started by simply downloading our Chrome extension. If you are a website owner, you can also embed the Barc chat widget on your site and even your Tumblr to help power your web community by following the simple instructions on Or if you use Wordpress you can easily add Barc to your site by installing the Barc Wordpress plugin. Current Features: Share pictures/video/music all within the chat Chat completely anonymously or login with your Twitter, Facebook or Barc account Create private group chats which can be permanently deleted Connect with other users using your microphone/camera (using WebRTC) Make rich interactive polls inside the chat Chat with people in different languages using real-time language translation ?Favorite? Websites and get alerts whenever there?s new activity
Member count: 1-10