Barbotics Robotic Bartender
Robotic Bartender Barbotics Robotic Bartender is the most expansive and inexpensive craft cocktail dispenser in the world, designed for both home and business use. Consumers can make professional cocktails and carbonated beverages in seconds. On a smart-phone or tablet, users can browse a wide variety of drink selections, from some of the best bartenders in the world. Users can rate, recommend, and even create their own drinks. Barbotics saves home users time and money and can be used for weddings, family gathering, parties, and more. Businesses like nightclubs, hotels, arena suites, private planes, and more can also create thousands of precisely poured cocktails and drinks. Barbotics opens up new sources of revenue and improves old ones. Whether it's saving money through increased pour control, upgrading bottle service (which accounts for 80% of a nightclubs revenue), offering more versatility in ordering drinks, increasing the volume of drinks sold, or just eliminating the wait time at busy bars.