Barberic of Hollywood
Franchised Mobile Barber Services Barberic of Hollywood is a full service mobile barbershop. Mobile barbering is in high demand by the all hard working male professionals. He's the traveler, heavy hustler, boss with the shots and always on the go. Say he just landed for a board meeting full of fellow executives or getting the family ready for their weekend adventures, Barberic of Hollywood will be at the location of choice with the services he needs to maintain and express his important and busy lifestyle. Each styling barber is dedicated to providing quality customer satisfaction while furnishing an enjoyably relaxed professional environment. The barbering world is growing and proving a vast trend amongst the High Quality Male. Why not have your impeccable barber come to You!? The most valuable assets to the barberic empire are the styling barbers. Barberic of Hollywood will proudly provide the education and tools needed for the success of each investors brand. Keeping our barbers ahead of the trend is our specialty.
Member count: 1-10