The Barbell Grill
Nutrition.Fitness.Nightlife Living a fit lifestyle can be lonely. People often isolate themselves from going out to eat with their friends and family in order to stay the course. They know and trust the food they prepare because most restaurants don?t have their best interests in mind. The Barbell Grill is a fitness themed restaurant with nightlife. Our concept bridges the gap between fitness, nutrition, and a social life. The menu consists of bodybuilding style meals with culinary flare, not the same old boring chicken and rice. The whole idea is to make the nutrition transparent when so many today are putting more thought into the type of gasoline they put into their cars than the type of food they put into their bodies. Today, eating is a social experience and it should be! Our goal is to teach the public about nutrition and the effects foods have on our bodies at the same time with an all-inclusive destination for the fitness community!