Инновационные Устройства для удаления наледей с тротуаров "Ледокол"

Fundamentally new mechanism of shock pulse that simulates the shot putt Unique technology for clearing metalls from scale/rust and roads from ice crust. It allows you to fundamentally change the scheme of metal producing cycles and give up the existing energy-costly and not harmless way to stream cleaning of rust and scale (and they are only used around the world). As well as creating new devices and methods of cleaning the ice and for the preparation of concrete. The form of the project: ? start-up. Have working prototypes. ? Innovate is patented. ? Made operating models. ? Held and confirmed by testing the respective characteristics at the site Institute. ? Conduct client work and confirmed the high demand for the products. Market Sizes: The world market - it is more than 1 billions USD/year. Production: 1. High-performance design solutions (for steel plants, Shipbuilders) 2. Serial compartmentalized production of industrial machinery. 3. Retail solutions like household tools.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $30K