Financial DNA / Mulitbanking Aggregation BANKSapi is an independent Banking-as-a-Service provider. We provide an API that allows our licensees' to access their clients accounts through our licensees' front-end applications: BANKS/Connect and WEALTH/Connect. With INSUR/Connect, we classify account sales by insurance products, automatically enrich them with insurance sales by creating an fully digital insurance folder. Insurers and financial distributors benefit from the PSD2 with our SaaS-model, allowing them to offer their clients innovative digital services. The automated extraction of the insurance folder from account information gives insurers an overview of the aggregate financial situation of their clients. Hedging and supply gaps can be more easily identified. This allows the financial DNA of end customers. PSD2 is unleashing a whole new Bancassurance dynamic: digital customer-centric insurance and financial products are emerging - products that care about the customer. This is where BANKSapi stands for.